Douwe Egberts Frozen Liquid Coffee

McCullagh Douwe Egberts Frozen Liquid CoffeeIn 1753, Egbert Douwe and his wife, Akke Thysses, began to sell coffee, tea and tobacco in Joure, Netherlands. Marketed in the US since 1977, Douwe Egberts® coffee brings more than 250 years of coffee experience and unparalleled value to the foodservice industry. The combination of superbly engineered brewers and a full line of distinctive coffee concentrates eliminate many of the operational issues foodservice operators encounter. The patented bag-in-box technology delivers fresh, consistently delicious coffee on demand. The unique brewing system maintains high quality while ensuring a fresh, consistent cup of coffee every time with a simple press of a button.

Stock Code
Case Count
Bean Type
Coffee Type
3201100% Colombian2/1.25ltr BIBLiquidStraight
3203100% Colombian2/1.25ltr BIBLiquidDecaffienated
63271100% Colombian2/2ltr BIBLiquidStraight
63925100% Colombian2/2ltr BIBLiquidDecaffienated
3205European Dark Roast2/1.25ltr BIBLiquidStraight
66365European Dark Roast2/2ltrltr BIBLiquidStraight
21094Prestige Blend2/2ltr BIBLiquidStraight